The new book by Eric Jon Kiser


“The whole damn thing was a lie!”

In the 21st century, Americans get all the democracy money can buy - but the elite can afford more than their fair share.

Bill Sanders, Executive Director of GreenPlanet International, described as 'A New Breed of Environmentalist' by Time Magazine, discovers the government is using corrupt computer models to calculate human impact and climate change. Sanders reaches out to an old acquaintance turned eco-terrorist, known only as 'War-Pig', to help figure out why. Incredibly, they piece together evidence of a global conspiracy of unimaginable proportions.

When Sanders is found brutally murdered, War-Pig goes after the secret cabal of uber-elite who have spent the better part of the last three generations developing a plan to unleash a virus and reduce the global population by roughly six billion people and enslave the rest. War-Pig infiltrates the cabal, drawing purpose and strength from the least likely of sources, including a Korean war Medal of Honor recipient and the tragically flawed President of the United States, to stop the 1% from deconstructing society a
nd appointing themselves as ‘The Governing Class’.

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