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This section outlines our MUTUALLY AGREED UPON positions on a lot of the important issues of our
time. These positions will most likely be adjusted from time to time based on changes in our group
dynamic and other forces as they arise. Check back often to ensure you have the latest information

Position Statements

Abortion - the Party believes in choice. We believe that ultimately the decision is between a woman and a man, not the government Although we would prefer other options be explored first, we respect the right of citizens self determination.

Border Security - the Party believes that a conservative approach to our national borders is necessary for public safety and legitimizes the immigration process.

Child Labor - the Party adamantly opposes child labor, except in particular family circumstances such as farming and shop keeping.

Corporate Tax - the Party supports taxation for corporations as long as innovation and technology are not stifled.

Crime - unfinished

Civil Rights - the party believes strongly that all people are created equal but through circumstances beyond the control of the individual, not every one is treated equal by society. In an attempt to correct this in-equity of treatment the party supports creative options, including quota's and affirmative action type programs for a limited period of time until social perspectives adjust.

Death Penalty - the Party opposes all forms of capital punishment. It is never acceptable to take a life. An "eye for an eye" society leaves everyone blind.

Defense - the Party believes in a strong volunteer military. Used solely to defend the nations interests and in certain circumstances those of our allies.

Education - the Party believes that all lawful citizens have the right to a world-class education. The Party is committed to ensuring that children have access to the best possible schools and teachers whether in private or public schools. It is also imperative that adults have access to continuing education options in order to improve their situation.

Environment - the Party believes that the earth is the only home we have and should be treated with respect. This country leads the world in conspicuous consumption and has developed a disposable mentality regarding the environment. We believe this needs to change.

Energy and Oil - the Party strongly supports reducing our dependence on the importation of fossil fuels. We also strongly support development of renewable technologies and alternate transportation systems whether in this country or around the globe.

Estate Tax - the Party supports a moderate estate tax. Estates are not individuals. But individuals are estates. Taxes generated from "non-individual" sources seems to be a preferable solution.

Euthanasia - the Party supports the right to die in individual cases. Our preference is always that it would be used only as a last option, we respect the right of citizens self determination.

Entitlement Programs - the party believes that these programs serve a purpose but are in fact a drain on our society. Ultimately we believe that they are fundamentally American. As such these programs shall not be altered unless by the clear acclimation of the population. Congress is not empowered to, and shall not have authority to enact any law modifying these programs

Election Reform - the Party is convinced that serious reform is needed to restore and ensure the future integrity of the democratic process. Accountability, spending caps, financial disclosure, shorter campaign cycles, complete process transparency and personal integrity are only a few areas that need to be addressed.

Foreign Investments - the Party endorses and encourages the right of foreign companies to invest in our country under regulation.

Free trade - the Party supports free trade around the world as an engine to increase the standards of living in the poorest countries. Normalization an regulation must be updated to ensure fairness and standards are applied

Foreign Policy - the Party understands our place in the world as the last so-called "superpower". This nation has a unique opportunity to lead by example while promoting and assisting developing democratic countries around the world as they attempt self-determination. The Party also believes it is not this countries sole responsibility to act as a global police force.

Gambling - the Party supports the right to gamble, but also favors high levels of regulation on the gaming industry.

Government Reform - the Party is in favor of updating the electoral process to reflect the realities of the 21st century. This government was originally structured around a country that didn't have electric lights, telephones, cars, trains, airplanes or the Internet. It is in this countries interest to use the current technology available to achieve this reform. Cautious awareness must be used to ensure the continued integrity of the process

Global Warming - the Party is in favor of doing whatever necessary to stabilize the environmental issues facing this planet today. Curbing the amount of greenhouse gases and stopping the progress of global warming are only the tip of the ice berg that must be addressed. International treaties and restrictions such as Kyoto are a first step in this process.

Gun Control - the Party supports gun control to the extent that people still have the right to own them but under minimal restriction. Common sense and practical necessity regarding public safety should lead the way.

Immigration - the Party supports a centrist approach to allowing immigrants the right to seek naturalization in the manner determined to be appropriate by congress. We are a country founded by people from other countries seeking a fresh start and we respect and admire those who follow that tradition.

Labor Unions - the Party supports the right of labor unions to exist as a means to provide a voice for the workers to secure decent wages,benefits and collective bargaining power.

Media Consolidation - the Party encourages the growth of more autonomous and independent media outlets. Likewise, the party believes in the regulation of media ownership to avoid monopolies on public information. Their are at least three sides to every tale; Side A, Side B and Reality. In this respect, more is indeed better.

Nuclear Armament - the Party recognizes nuclear arms and energy are here to stay and cannot be un-invented. As such, the party believes in strong regulation of the industry and encourages vigorous research into safer equipment, facilities and cleaner forms of power generation

Pornography - the Party supports the right of the porn industry to exist, though under severe regulations. 

Privatization - the Party believes there needs to be an active, and competitive private sector; sufficiently regulated as long as innovation and technology are not stifled.

Right to Privacy - the Party believes deeply in the individuals right to privacy and that shall be extended, protected and defended, for all persons lawfully residing in this country.

Same-sex marriage - the Party believes all people -- all races, religions, and sexual orientations -- have the right to legal marriage to the person of their choice. All people also are entitled to the rights and benefits that follow.

Social Security - unfinished

Separation of Church and State - the Party believes in a clear divide between these two entities, but also recognizes the fact that the two will cross paths periodically. Dispositions regarding items like public monuments, sworn oaths and other potential crossover areas should be left up to the communities in which they occur

Stem Cell Research - unfinished

Tax Reform - the Party strongly supports the abolition of the current form of individual income tax. Although, the party supports the concept of a tax on individual income ONLY as long as it adheres the rules laid out in the founding documents

Universal Suffrage - the Party supports the right of all men and women, after achieving a certain age, the right to vote.

War on Drugs - the Party believes that the legalization of both soft and hard drugs should remain in effect, but that there needs to be a fundamental shift in the hearts and minds of legislators and the law enforcement community from that of crime/ punishment to education/recovery programs.

War on Poverty - unfinished

On behalf of the League of Non-Aligned Voters

Eric J. Kiser