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A little about me:

I’m a forty something former musician turned media producer and part time author. My true passion is Music, but I have been crowned the ‘Encyclo-Media of Adver-Tainment’ when it comes to business because I tend to find ways of making money for people on whatever project I’m involved with.

A bit about my band; ATTICA. We can best be described as spending “Fifteen years on that lonely road. We paid our own way and carried our own load.We never asked too much from no one. We were much too proud. All we ever wanted was to play our music for a sold-out crowd…” I’ve included a couple of videos and songs on various pages for you to check out.

I recently finished my second book, ‘THE GOVERNING CLASS’. It’s an epic alternate history ride that weaves its way through the various tin-foil hat conspiracy theories of the 20th century. I’m also very involved in politics. You’ll find info on all these topics here on their own dedicated pages.

Make yourself at home and check out the whole site. There’s a little sumpthin’ for everybody plus you’ll have a good time.

Feel free to contact me. My info is on the last page.

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